Volunteering in Latin America (Costa Rica)

30 Mar
Volunteering in Latin America (Costa Rica)

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Costa Rica is a tropical paradise filled with pristine beaches and rich in bio-diversity as variety of trees, plants and fascinating wildlife survive in the forests of Costa Rica. The covering the mountains of Costa Rica are a paradise for eco-tourism. Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country with trade and commerce is growing every day. The lives of people are becoming significantly better every day. But not all Costa Ricans have been able to ride on this development bandwagon, and for those left behind, life everyday is a struggle.

New Hope Volunteer is helping local organizations that are assisting the poor and deprived progress in life. Through our volunteers, we are reaching the neediest. By enrolling in our programs, you can work in an orphanage, teach in rural schools, work in medical/health projects and contribute towards saving the fragile eco-system of Costa Rica, thereby ensuring the people don’t suffer from the damaged environment.

Teaching English Project in Costa Rica- available in San Jose
Teaching is both challenging and rewarding, especially in a foreign country. Volunteers in our teaching project will work in resource poor schools where children of poor families come to study. You’ll teach English and other subjects and try to turn them into capable individuals.

Children at Risk/Orphanages- available in San Jose
The orphaned children need guidance, care and love. The orphanages are resource poor and understaffed and volunteers are urgently needed to take care of the children.

Healthcare/Medical Project in Costa Rica- available in San Jose
Help the local healthcare professional treat the sick women and children who come from poor families. In the process gain extremely valuable experience of working in a third-world country.

Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica – available in North Pacific Coast
Turtle is an endangered species and if not conserved can soon become extinct. Volunteers will protect nests from poachers of all forms, including humans. Our volunteers will also work alongside local community and implement many management strategies.

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