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Volunteer in Nepal

Nepal is a country of high Himalayas, mountain passes, hills, valleys, gorges and rivers that criss-cross the landscapes. In the breathtakingly beautiful landscape, many unique and fascinating cultures have thrived luring visitors in thousands. They traverse difficult terrains to see the real beauty and go back fulfilled. But the hard topography has also meant difficulty in building roads, hospitals and schools. The people depend on agriculture for survival but what land they have is steep and not fertile. As a result, development is slow in Nepal and people still suffer from high level of illiteracy, malnutrition, environmental degradation and many other things.

There are, however, many grassroots organizations and NGOs actively working to tackle poverty, hunger, illiteracy and give people decent life. New Hope Volunteer works with many of these organizations and we’re now encouraging volunteers to come to Nepal to not only aid in the development of Nepal but also to see incredible natural beauty of the country. You’ll also encounter incredibly warm hospitality.

Volunteer in Nepal

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