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Volunteer in India

India is a vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, magnificent historic sites, golden beaches, misty mountain retreats, colorful people, rich cultures and festivities. In India, there is much to see, admire and soak in. Because of this, it’s been a prime destination for many travelers and many return because an Indian experience is like anything else.

But poverty is also ubiquitous in India. There is deprivation, exploitation against women hasn’t abated in many parts of India and children, instead of going to school, work to survive. That why there is much work to be done and grassroots organizations has been very active to bring empowerment and development. New Hope Volunteers is working with many of them and we’re offering volunteers fascinating programs that improve health and education, and uplift the women and children. New Hope Volunteers volunteers will contribute meaningfully in there program and gain valuable experience.

New Hope Volunteers Volunteering in India programs are experiences rather than just placements. New Hope Volunteers Volunteering Programs are a unique combination of affordable and meaningful projects in India coupled with cultural immersion and are an opportunity to see India through it various spiritual traditions. India is a country favored by most volunteers for having a productive gap year.

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Volunteers – Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica

Volunteers – Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica

Turtles Costa Rica

Turtles Costa Rica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turtle is an endangered species and if not conserved can soon become extinct. The scientists have predicted that we will forever lose turtles in 20 years unless we preserve the creature and its habitats. Volunteer now in turtle conservation project and protect Lora turtle’s nesting population. Volunteers will protect nests from poachers of all forms, including humans. Our volunteers will also work alongside local community and implement many management strategies.

What difference does this project make?

The conservation is fervently trying to ensure that the turtles remain for many years to come. Through the work the staff is carrying out, in ensuring the eggs get hatched and that they aren’t stolen, the turtles will continue to come ashore and we all get to enjoy the spectacle of seeing them gently dawdle on the sand. The volunteers will help the project accomplish the goals and its aims quickly and will bring enthusiasm and dynamism. The project is available year round but the best season is from May until December.

Highlights of the program

Our volunteers will perform night patrols, from starting from 8 pm and sometimes lasting for 4 hours, to check the eggs and turtles coming offshore to hatch. You will work in the hatcheries and collect eggs and rescue turtles. You’ll also take carapace and nest-dimension measurements and tag the rear flippers of the turtles. Other work includes cleaning the beach and helping the administration of the project.

2007 Costa Rica aerial photo of Playa Tamarind...

2007 Costa Rica aerial photo of Playa Tamarindo and River mouth showing the town and beach of Tamarindo and the Pacific Ocean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Project Location

The project is located in either north Pacific coast or Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Both the regions contain some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. They are also heavens for adventurous seekers with rivers and mountains nearby. It takes about 4-5 hours to reach the project site from San Jose. Your program begins with 2 days orientation program in San Jose and then you will travel to the project site.

Volunteer for Turtle Conservation Program in Costa Rica at $10 per day; Volunteer Program includes Turtle Conservation Projects and Cleaning Beaches.

New Hope Volunteers is a part of GoIndia, a registered travel company with the government of India. New Hope International Volunteer Program is a joint effort project of many country coordinators who have worked for leading USA, UK, New Zealand, and Australia based volunteer organization and RCDP International.

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Volunteering in Ghana – Volunteer Work Abroad

Volunteering in Ghana – Volunteer Work Abroad

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Ghana is the most peaceful, democratic and corruption free country in Africa. It is also free from the race and religious riots seen in neighboring countries like Nigeria. Because of this and the recently developed oil offshore, Ghana is steadily progress economical and lives of the people will soon become much better. But at present, poverty still lingers strongly in Ghana and many people lead difficult and hard lives. Many are still poor and illiterate.

New Hope Volunteer works with many local organizations that are trying to empower the poor and bring development. Our volunteers will work along with local people and contribute in a small but meaningful way. In return, you’ll encounter immense gratitude and warm hospitality.

Teaching Children in Ghana
Volunteers support local schools which are overcrowded and understaffed. They teach the subjects depending upon their experience and interests.

HIV/Aids Education Project in Ghana
Ghana has many HIV-infected people are often abandoned by their own family and by society. Help them and help us fight to reduce stigmatization of those who are infected.

Orphanage Project in Ghana
Help poor orphanages and get involved in teaching and caretaking activities. Experience the culture, go on safari and do the humanitarian work.

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Volunteering in Latin America (Costa Rica)

Volunteering in Latin America (Costa Rica)

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Costa Rica is a tropical paradise filled with pristine beaches and rich in bio-diversity as variety of trees, plants and fascinating wildlife survive in the forests of Costa Rica. The covering the mountains of Costa Rica are a paradise for eco-tourism. Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country with trade and commerce is growing every day. The lives of people are becoming significantly better every day. But not all Costa Ricans have been able to ride on this development bandwagon, and for those left behind, life everyday is a struggle.

New Hope Volunteer is helping local organizations that are assisting the poor and deprived progress in life. Through our volunteers, we are reaching the neediest. By enrolling in our programs, you can work in an orphanage, teach in rural schools, work in medical/health projects and contribute towards saving the fragile eco-system of Costa Rica, thereby ensuring the people don’t suffer from the damaged environment.

Teaching English Project in Costa Rica- available in San Jose
Teaching is both challenging and rewarding, especially in a foreign country. Volunteers in our teaching project will work in resource poor schools where children of poor families come to study. You’ll teach English and other subjects and try to turn them into capable individuals.

Children at Risk/Orphanages- available in San Jose
The orphaned children need guidance, care and love. The orphanages are resource poor and understaffed and volunteers are urgently needed to take care of the children.

Healthcare/Medical Project in Costa Rica- available in San Jose
Help the local healthcare professional treat the sick women and children who come from poor families. In the process gain extremely valuable experience of working in a third-world country.

Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica – available in North Pacific Coast
Turtle is an endangered species and if not conserved can soon become extinct. Volunteers will protect nests from poachers of all forms, including humans. Our volunteers will also work alongside local community and implement many management strategies.

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